Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Noah Untitled

I didn't notice I was staring until I noticed you were staring too.

I told you about the secret places in my heart with traces of your palm, you told me about summers in Georgia by pulling me in.

Your hands and arms pulling me close, ligaments holding bones and joints in place, something so close moving together. Our bones will never move so smoothly.

There was something desperate, that clutch will not leave my mind. Like a child holding tightly to a favorite toy, a hold that was unrelenting through hours, through sleeping, through snoring. In your dense embrace I felt I could keep away the bad dreams, the troubles that may have crossed your face. If it went on our permeable surfaces would have dissolved into each other absorbed into the couch through to the floor and the dark basement into the rock and earth.

You whispered plans for when you returned home with kisses, my sigh told you where I wanted to be a year from now.

In a cool morning light I watched your jaw and played with your hair, and smiled when you twitched and pulled me even nearer.

The two syllables I know to call you fill my mouth like a gulp of water. Summer must be coming.

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