Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hello, my name is...

We've all heard it. When rejected by a would-be loved one, or when a friend spirals into destruction. "You can't change a person." I've also been told that "people change" when someone you thought you had everything in common with seems to come from a different planet, or when someone from Mars suddenly has the ability to keep you engaged in conversation for hours. I've come to the conclusion that the influence of change is held in the person doing the changing.

So why would someone want to change their life? 

There are many reality TV shows that follow the course of someone changing their life. We follow people losing weight, getting rid of collections of wine bottles, and there are at least four too many "finding love" shows featuring rock stars or just regular Joes. We can all relate to wanting to change the way we look, or improve our health through losing weight, or feeling bogged down by too many possessions, or maybe even wanting to find THE ONE. So we make lists, start a twelve step program, and a new grocery list. Sometimes while hanging out with friends and listening to toxic self-pity and negativity we are left with the overwhelming urge to get up and change our scenery and associations, even if it's just for a night. We change, we read a book, or go to a motivational speaker.

Other reasons people up and change being stuck in a rut, their job is unsatisfying, their routine has become monotonous; relationships come or go and change needs to come, the exciting euphoria that comes with a change to be with that person, or the necessary catharsis from changing your life when one is over.

The exact reasons why I want to change are not important for this specific post, there's plenty more time for specifics. I'm writing this blog as a... a focus, maybe I've been watching too much Sex and the City and think my daily life should be narrated too, but this is what it is.

I'm going to recount my progress of improving my life, cause that's what this is, an improvement. I'll remember  the ol' times and acknowledge how I've changed throughout my life, giving homage to the 35 different SarahJo's I've been.
Here I'll keep track of plans and goals and how I want to change.

This is my banner to follow.

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